Raintree changes Perception, Attitude and Behaviour
Awareness, Understanding and Ownership processes.

Raintree Provides unique Convergent Reality interventions to:

Introduce, enable, strengthen and leverage Emotional and Practical ownership of ideas, processes and actions. 

If it involves people, Raintree will design and deliver a solution:

  • Live Change Theatre in any language or culture
  • Management & Supervisory Training
  • Videos in any languages
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • Focus Groups
  • Streaming
  • Electronic Platforms
  • TV & Online/Digital Commercials and Programmes
  • Gamefication
  • Radio
  • Training Manuals and support material.
  • Animated material, modules or series – from the simplest to the most sophisticated animation, generally but especially in these times of distancing and use of mobile media, our animations can help drive messaging,


The essence of the UN goals or the intent of ESG are not in the measurement but in the commitment and performance.  None of the UN goals will be implemented successfully or be sustained without emotional ownership of the intent and the process of implementing.  
These are Human Factors, not measurement matrices.  

At the core of ESG lies the Human Factor: 

  • Our  relationship with the environment, from the tiniest sea creature to the oceans themselves and the land, air and resources of the planet; 
  • Our societal and transactional interactions, from the safety of our employees to the health and wellbeing of our communities;
  • Our commitment to governance, to the intent, purpose and value of proper governance, without which companies and communities drift into disorder, unethical and destructive practises. 

Raintree’s  Emo-ownership focus helps your people to own both the practice and purpose embedded in these commitments – which all contribute to sustainable success.