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Raintree Supports The Brown Hyena Project

The Brown Hyaena is one of the most enigmatic animals in the African bush. But through human encroachment and loss of habitat, their numbers have fallen so dramatically that only 1,700 remain in South Africa, and only 5-8,000 across the whole of Southern Africa.
The urgent need to gain a better understanding of these secret and nocturnal species led to the establishing of Project Phiri or the Brown Hyaena Project in 2003 at the recognition that little was known about brown hyaenas in South Africa.


How they are surviving within the farmland mosaic and inside fenced protected areas such as Madikwe Game Reserve in the North West Province is vital to comprehending the challenges in creating a viable sustainable future for these maligned and misunderstood creatures.
Raintree has chosen to support the Brown Hyaena Project in South Africa as, like all environmental challenges, we must influence human Perception, Attitude and Behaviour to change current dynamics. The Raintree Group is funding specialist cameras to help gain knowledge and broaden the database by documenting the movement and behaviour of these wonderful animals.

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