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“[Raintree’s] theatre is an innovative approach to get into the minds of the work force”

“The industrial theatre is a method to change their behaviour and thinking about safety, which is what we are trying to do every day so that no-one gets hurt”

Richard Henfield: Shell Houdini Project Director, ECC Project, Singapore, November 2009

“I have witnessed the positive changes in behaviour of a multi cultural, multi national workforce which took on the personal responsibility after this for their own safety and this naturally resulted in a drastic reduction of incidents”

“Because the Raintree process deals with multi cultures it goes down to a level of people where it connects with them, establishes a trust basis with the people, communicates in their own language, and therefore they trust the safety message that is brought over to them”

Johan van der Merwe: CB&I Lummus HSSE Manager, ECC Project, Singapore, August 2009

“The theatre enhances the safety culture that we have been developing”

“The industrial theatre is another means of creating a dialogue with the workers to get into the workers with our safety message”

“You can really see the workers catching on during the early part of the play and being ready for absorbing the messages we want to bring across in the second part of the play and later during the structured workshop which is done immediately after the play”

“It works because it connects, and because we are all people and we have emotions, it is very interesting all people have similar emotions, and the [Raintree process] really strikes peoples emotional chords”

Sipke Mennes: Shell Senior HSSE Manager, SEPC Project, South East Asia, November 2009

“I joined the 1pm Industrial Theatre show this afternoon and saw the whole performance for the first time, I am very impressed. The final scene of going home, accompanied by Singa, is masterly, and will not fail to bring the message across. Well done – Thanks for the energy!”

Dick Wynberg: Projects Director SEPC, Shell Chemicals, 2009

“An essential part of BHP-Billiton’s project objectives has been the implementation of a ZERO HARM philosophy across all work sites including effective, world class health, safety, environmental and community (HSEC) systems.

Raintree has been a key element in the overall realisation of these project objectives through numerous programmes including industrial theatre, labour facilitation sessions and supervisor sensitisation. Raintree’s experts have met regularly with project management staff and have been able to translate stated project objectives into very successful communication structures. Their facilitation briefings have been instrumental in allowing project management to make necessary changes to address the needs and concerns of labour as well as maintain excellent levels of labour harmony on our work sites.”

Brent Hegger: Project Director, SNC-Lavalin Murray & Roberts

“As part of the plan to improve SH&E performance in Sasol, a number of new systems and programs were chosen for implementation. The list includes OHSAS18001, ISO14001, Responsible Care®, BAPP®, Process Safety and many others. All of which are important tools in our quest for Zero Harm alongside the others we already had.

Raintreee Productions was contracted in to run a program for us which included the show, discussion workshops by professional facilitators and a detailed report outlining the main areas of concern raised by attendees and a suggested way forward.

At the end of June 2006 Sasol Infrachem reached the lowest ever Recordable Case Rate figure of 0.53.”

Sasol Infranews, July 2006

Project Turbo has recently garnered a fistful of impressive safety milestones:

* The Secunda Off-sites Module (SOM) reached 1 million man-hours without a recordable-case during December

* SOM also achieved 3 million man-hours without a lost-time-incident on 6 January

* The Synfuels Catalytic Cracker (SCC) reached 4 million man-hours without a lost-time-incident on 12 January

Without doubt this kind of consistent achievement speaks volumes about the culture of safety that has been created on site and continuous dedicated commitment to safe practices. Initiatives like an innovative Industrial theatre programme and regular safety refresher courses are bearing fruit. Well-done guys. Keep on keeping on working safely.

The psyche of safety First feel, then act

Perhaps [DESCARTES] missed a bit. He should have said: ‘I feel … therefore I think … therefore I am’. The underlying premise of Raintree’s successful multi-pronged Industrial Theatre programme on Health & Safety is that emotional response triggers cognitive behaviour. Sasol called on them to help generate a culture of safety by getting people to feel, and then applying that emotional response to spark safe behaviour.

Extracts from the January edition of SASOL’s Techknow 2006

“Raintree implemented communication, climate change and behavioral change interventions at the BHP Billiton Mozal and Hillside Alumium Projects , as well as the Sasol Clean Fuel Projects. The initiatives proved very successful and resulted in a marked positive influence on both the Safety performance and Industrial Relations climate on the projects.”

Jonathan Hall: Executive Major Projects, Murray & Roberts Limited



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