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Firm uses concept of emotional ownership to change workplace safety culture

Raintree Solutions CEO Richard Lawton interviewed by Mining Weekly. Raintree Safety, a subsidiary of Raintree Solutions, a deliverer of change to companies and communities, says it is critically important to bring about change in South Africa’s mining industry by targeting a mining house’s safety culture to foster open communication, the development of trust and working […]

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Raintree mounts One Young World Environment Breakaway

Raintree mounted the breakaway at the Johannesburg zoo for One Young World delegates, where three powerful presentations were given to delegates from over twenty countries including Australia, England, France, Solomon Islands, Bangladesh, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa, India, Kenya, Cameroon, Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, UAE, Dubai, UK and USA  Whilst […]

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Raintree co-sponsors Prof Mohammad Yunus talk at GIBS business school

With GIBS and First National Bank, Raintree Solutions cofunded a special Yunus workshop during One Young World in Johannesburg.  As a Nobel Laureate but more because of the pioneering work in microlending to the poor and spreading the ‘gospel’ of Social Enterprise Raintree felt it was crucial for business people to have a chance to hear […]

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Sasol Shutdown

Having helped deliver a number of safe shutdowns in South Africa and South East Asia, Raintree was once again engaged by Sasol to help with safety during their current shutdown at their Secunda operation, their biggest ever. 

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Shell V-Power Nitro+

Raintree has also just launched Shell V-Power Nitro+ with a traveling roadshow, 15 years after Raintree launched the original Shell V-Power into South Africa!

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Shell Road Transport Safety

Once again SHELL contracted Raintree, this time in South Africa, to deliver a nationwide, Driver Safety process. The unique Raintree approach has begun to deliver the kind of openness and participation in the Driver Safety space that has been the distinctive stamp of Raintree. This theatre and workshop process was backed up by an extensive […]

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Raintree sponsors Student to attend One Young World Summit – Pittsburgh, USA

We welcome Tribute Mboweni as our One Young World delegatefor 2012. After successfully sponsoring Clara Gwatirera last year, and following up with help to her visionary ‘Books for Schools’ programme, we have now chosen another wonderful South African for this year – Tribute Mboweni.

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One Young World Literacy Follow-up

Following up on Raintree’s support for Clara Gwatirera, our Raintree delegate to One Young World in Zurich 2011, Raintree Director Ré Storm delivered books to a school in need in Johannesburg, which was being helped by Clara’s work through her Angels Network Project.

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Raintree sponsors writer/illustrator to the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC)

Pursuing the company commitment to local and global dialogue, Raintree followed its sponsorship of the Singapore writers and poets to Cape Town, by financing the participation of South African children’s book writer and illustrator, Marjorie van Heerden, in the Asian Festival of Children Content (AFCC) in May 2012.

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Launch of Buildsafe South Africa

Buildsafe South Africa was launched on the 19th January 2012 in Gauteng where the heads of 20 companies signed the BSA 2012 Charter, thus making a commitment to promote the ideals of BSA and actively work toward better Health, Safety and Welfare for workers in the South African Construction industry. As a long-time supporter of […]

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2020 began with a sprint to get the new episodes of Shell Matters aligned, with the first streamed in January.         MTN saw the delivery of the last in the current Ethics series of Yello Generation, which has been a very successful and popular initiative.         It also saw […]

This has been a busy year with theatre for ABSA on process and ethics across various divisions around South Africa.         ABSA CIB was particularly interesting in that Raintree combined theatre and ‘broadcasting’ in a Convergent Media approach, leading staff in a renewal process on Ethics and Compliance. The roadshow covered major […]

Thus far 2018 has been an exciting year with projects covering Safety and Security, marketing, Supervisor training, Banking ethics and Compliance, Media company Values Risk, Ethics and a company Launch. Encompassing Energy, Banking, telecommunications, insurance and community interfacing, Raintree teams have travelled through South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and most recently, Tanzania, delivering various unique, […]