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Raintree Industrial Theatre for SASOL SA

Richard Lawton, CEO Raintree at Opening Spotlight Singapore

Raintree Singapore film crew

Brown Hyena research project supported by Raintree

HSE for Shell Singapore

Delegates to Spotlight Singapore in Cape Town

HSE for Shell Eastern, Singapore

Vusi, Drikus and Tsepho chanted their way into the hearts of Infrachem people

Industrial Theatre: Zero Harm HSE Project


Raintree Solutions

Raintree Solutions is a unique change group that operates Globally, putting the People Factor First. Raintree creates customized processes, addressing and delivering change through stimulating and linking Emotional and Functional Ownership.

Raintree Operating Observations

  • Values underpin Value
  • All Business is about People
  • All environmental challenges involve People
  • Relationships are a reality of all life
  • Nothing stands alone

Raintree Change Cornerstones

  • People don’t resist change as much as they resist changing. 
  • If you want to change someone’s mind about the world, change the world in their mind. 

Raintree Processes have helped, inter alia:

  • Mining and manufacturing, Retail and marketing, chemical and energy
  • Government and parastatal, corporate and community

The Raintree Solutions Group includes a number of divisions including a film company, a specialist theatre group, writers, directors, facilitators, psychologists and trainers and are multiple award winners in the USA, Europe and South Africa and have worked across 22 languages and cultures around the world.

The various divisions include:

  • Raintree Productions which is the delivery division for Raintree Solutions on corporate and community projects:
    • Raintree Community Projects are aimed at instilling Emotional Ownership of Possibility and stimulating Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Common Purpose across social, economic and Environmental issues;
    • Raintree corporate processes cover inter alia productivity, safety, supervision, sales, service, vision and values and crucially, Environment.
  • Raintree Safety Services which specialize internationally in multi-contractor, multi-cultural mega projects like expansions, shutdowns, new builds and ongoing production:
    • Raintree Safety Processes have helped some of the biggest companies in the world from South Africa to Singapore, achieve record safety levels through their unique Emotional Ownership programmes.
  • Raintree media – all electronic, new media, video and social media components and long form elements like corporate, documentaries and drama.
  • Catapult Commercials – specializes in commercials; local, African and International.

As the need for finding common purpose across cultures becomes a Global urgency, the Raintree approach is being recognized increasingly as an important way of activating Understanding and Ownership and achieving Change across environmental, corporate and community issues.

Global Reach

Raintree works globally and currently has projects in development on four continents.


Raintree News
The first half of 2015 has been extremely busy for Raintree Solutions and it’s divisions on a wide range of projects. The commercial division, Catapult Commercials, has recently completed a TV commercial for French brand Garnier and is busy finishing an international, multi-market production for Vanish. On the back of local projects like Hippo, the […]

OPENING: The Social Store, Singapore
Whilst in Singapore recently, Raintree Solutions directors Richard Lawton and Ré Storm attended the opening of Indian entrepreneur, JP Singh’s unique social enterprise shop in Singapore, The Social Store. This is the first in an international chain that serves the needs of traditional arts and craft traditions, by creating a market for arts crafts, globally. […]

The Singapore International Festival of Arts
The Singapore International Festival of Arts 2014 was launched with a wonderful community participative event at a park in Bukit Timah, directed by Raintree associate, Jeremiah Choy. Through the long association with Singapore via Shell and Spotlight Singapore in Cape Town, Raintree was there.